Nutrition Tips From 5K to 42K Runs

With the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon coming up real soon, there will be anxieties when it comes on how to fuel your runs. Whether you are a casual runner beginning your first 5K or a seasoned 42K finisher, it is timely to have a refresher on having proper nutrition to enjoy – and not bonk – before, during and after your runs.

Moreover, the flag-off times across the various distance categories are very early in the morning: marathon at 3:45am, half-marathon at 5:45am, 10K from 6:00am and 5K at 7:15am.

Especially for marathon and half-marathon runners, you would need to get up in the wee hours, have proper nutrition and then walk – or drive – to the start point. Unless you have been training at these same times in preparation for your race, you would likely need to adjust your gut to digest your foods at these hours. Additionally, you may be too excited and anxious to eat on race day, and have the urge to skip breakfast and risk bonking during the race.

Dever Energy Gel has the solution for your race nutrition needs. Available in 40ml liquid packs delivering 120 calories and 100ml jelly packs delivering 300 calories, Dever Energy Gel takes care of your needs pre- and during runs.


Pre-Run Nutrition

It is always good to fuel run before your runs – whether it is for training or for a race. Ideally, you want to have a proper meal about 2 hours before you start running to allow food to reasonably digest. But this scenario may be a luxury for most runners. For example, if you are running the marathon that starts at 3:45am and you would need to drive for 30 mins from your house to get to the start point, practically, you would need to start feeding yourself at around 1am.

With Dever Energy Gel in either liquid or jelly forms, you can shorten this digestion period.

You can choose to either consume one 100ml jelly pack or two 40ml liquid packs before you start your run.


During Run Nutrition

The chart below shows the recommended nutrition plan during runs from 10K to 42K. Generally, a Dever Energy Gel 40ml pack should be consumed about every 45 mins. The timing intervals would vary on each individual depending on your calorie-burn rates.

Post-Run Nutrition

Dever Energy Gel recommends consuming one 100ml jelly pack that will replenish 300 calories for you. You may pair this with a 250ml pack for a balanced recovery nutrition.

Dever Energy Gel will be available at Booth #28 at KLSCM Active Lifestyle Expo from 10-12 November with special introductory prices.. A sports nutritionist will be onsite to advise you on your run nutrition needs for this weekend.